Frank Cody, the man the New York Times declared “the father of Smooth Jazz,” began his career at KLOS-Albuquerque at the age of 15. He was a natural on-air personality. Requests? No problem. Callers found themselves talking to Frank’s alter ego with the squeaky voice, Ralph the Mouse, when they called with their suggestions.

 Ralph the Mouse

One day Frank found himself dangling from a swing hanging from the letter "O" on the marquee of the KIMO theater as a publicity stunt. When rain arrived, Ralph the Mouse talked Frank into coming inside.

ABC later grabbed the call letters for the legendary rock station in Los Angeles. Frank was appointed program director, becoming the only person to work at KLOS in Albuquerque
and LA.

Cody hosted the popular “Music for Lovers” on Doubleday’s KDEF in Albuquerque, mixing the elegant soft rock and jazz tracks to become top-rated in his time slot. The program was renowned for opening with Burt Bacharach’s The Look of Love and closing with What the World Needs Now is Love.

Frank has been a leading light in the entertainment business for forty plus years. He has produced, directed and created numerous radio, film and video projects. He served as an executive at both NBC and ABC, as well as several major rock stations, produced countless entertainment specials, numerous recordings and according to media maven Michael Jensen, “  .  .  . in a very real sense, helped to shape the sound of modern American entertainment.”

Frank is a tremendously creative talent who brings warm, people-oriented energy and spirit to all his endeavors. In 1986, Cody guided the development of The WAVE format at KTWV, Los Angeles which became known worldwide as Smooth Jazz.