In 1988, Frank and former partner Owen Leach formed Broadcast Architecture (BA), the Princeton-based research/consulting firm. Brian Stone came on board in 1990 from Pyramid Broadcasting in Boston where he was COO and general manager. Brian brought two decades worth of experience in various aspects of the radio business, including management, research, and finance.

Over the course of 12 years with Frank as CEO, BA became the most respected research and consulting firm of its kind serving 100+ clients throughout the US, Europe, Japan and Brazil. BA introduced Mix-Master, a technology that revolutionized the auditorium testing concept. Instead of testing people’s musical preference responses with tabulation summaries, Mix-Master tapped the emotional responses of participants turning a dial with settings adjustable from 1 to 100 to express how much they liked or disliked a particular song. Their reactions were processed on a laptop that provided sorted data expressed simply with an EKG-like readout. BA refined audience analysis even further with other exclusive technologies like Face-Off and Digital Perceptual Analysis.

In 2001, Frank moved on to join Dave Koz and Hyman Katz to form Rendezvous Entertainment in Los Angeles.

 Brian Stone and Frank